Material handling

Fortaco offers welded, machined and assembled parts for instance for container handling equipment, forklifts and land handling equipment. Examples of products are cabins, frames, booms, steering axles, masts and carriages.

Customer demands

The manufacturing of material handling equipment is largely determined by final application and desired features. This means that there is considerable variation in manufacturing processes, production volumes and customization levels. Many customers expect a choice of annual low, medium, or high serial volumes, as well as equipment with a combination of standard and customized item. They also want to choose between commoditized products and highly sophisticated and customized project supplies. The common denominator in all these cases is the need for high and consistent quality as well as precise supply chain management.

In particular areas, like mobile and other cranes, customers require advanced production processes, solid experience in processing high strength steels and proven design capabilities.

The value added Fortaco provides

Fortaco has wide experience and proven track record from the material handling industry. We understand industry demands and have long experience from cooperating with leading material handling customers. Fortaco also has dedicated production processes and automated production lines for main components used in container handling equipment. Fortaco is a trustworthy supplier with good capabilities to manage low and high volume serial production.