Assembly & Cabin


Fortaco’s offering within the Assembly Business Unit includes a broad range of assembly services. Fortaco can provide final assembly including the functional testing of equipment or sub-assemblies like power package, drilling boom, cabin or other functional entities, to name a few.

Fortaco is able to provide its customers with a full range of services starting from providing assembly labour only to material sourcing – including handling of all related logistics – in which Fortaco could also own the related materials. Additionally, Fortaco can provide engineering services starting in the concept design phase up to final assembly and testing with a full (customer-specific) pre-dispatch inspection to assure the highest quality standards and allowing direct shipment to our customers’ distribution network or even end customers.

In possible outsourcing cases, we can take full ownership of our customers’ assembly or cabin manufacturing, allowing our customers to focus on their core business when it comes to outsourcing of smaller non-core production volumes or even full outsourcing of operations. Global customers lacking a European production setup will find us a reliable partner, offering services without forcing them to make investments alone.

Our customers have access to the most effective production processes and methods, and we proactively identify technologies that can save them time and money, while bringing them closer to their own customers. Our capabilities include electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic assemblies to cover any variety of state-of-the-art equipment technology. Finally, we offer a lifetime service, including change management and after-sales service for spare parts. Fortaco is an established full service provider able to tailor its service to individual customer needs.

Today, our customers represent a wide range of industries from agriculture and forestry, mining, material handling, construction, defense and transportation to industrial machinery.

Products and services are provided from Fortaco’s business sites in Kurikka and Sastamala (Finland), and Holic (Slovakia).


We offer and support our customers in creating the optimal solutions tailored to their application from design to a full plug & play cabin. Over 30 years of experience and hundreds of successful products show our expertise and reliability.

…that’s why Fortaco puts highest priority on safety and ergonomic design. Operators all over the world rely on our expertise in creating a safe and user-friendly working environment. Therefore, we support our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) customers in designing and manufacturing the optimal solution for their machine, from heavy duty applications such as mining loaders to medium duty like telehandlers or to light duty like warehouse forklift trucks. We understand our customers and their customers’ needs. Each cabin is tailored to the specific requirements or industry standards which the OEM has to meet to create a successful product in its market.

Our CabTech team consists of experienced industrial designers and engineers, accompanied by skilled project managers. The team can take the first idea to a fully industrialised operator cabin. Using common PLM and software tools we can communicate with all potential customers and guarantee efficient project management including product configurators. Starting with exterior and interior design concepts we can offer 3D virtual cabin visualisation as part of an operator environment study. FEM analysis for ROPS (Roll-Over-Protection-System), FOPS (Falling-Object-Protection-System) or OPS (Operator-Protection-System) structures are also part of our capabilities as well as design and CFD simulation of HVAC systems.

The frame is the foundation of each protection system or cabin structure. Therefore, we put the highest priority on safety, no compromises made. Intelligent concepts for doors and windows that allow optimum visibility are key to safe operation, and a comfortable and ergonomic cabin interior assures easy handling and drivability resulting in lower operator fatigue. We offer application and solution driven interior covering concepts as well as switches, joysticks, pedal systems and comfort elements like armrests, fans, sun blinds and stereos, to name a few. Design-to-cost while offering the best value is our ambition.