Fortaco is the leading brand independent strategic partner to

the heavy off-highway equipment and marine industries offering technology, vehicle cabins, steel fabrications and vehicle assemblies. Fortaco Group has operations in multiple European Business Sites and Technology Hubs, which are supporting our global customers.

We benchmark ourselves to the automotive industry and standards to secure maximized value add for our customers as a true Tier 1 partner. We have the right quality, the right delivery accuracy and the right price.

We combine our specialized technology competences and profound industrial understanding to meet our customers' needs. We offer attractive manufacturing capabilities, we have the willingness and ability to shape the technology and industry offering, we have a wide range of products to be the preferred Tier 1 partner.

We develop our customers' business as if it was our own.
We shape the way things are produced. 
We want to shape the whole industry.

Together we shape your industry.




Our commitments

Years of experience

in vehicle cabins

Years of experience

in steel fabrication.

Net sales (MEUR)

Tons of steel

Welding robots

Employees globally


Our reputation is the foundation for our success and it stems from our values: Respect, Simplicity and Speed. Fortaco Values are the basis for our Code of Conduct. Our ambition is to be the most desired partner in our industry. Fortaco Values guide our mindset and attitudes and provide a common framework for the behaviours we expect from all our people.


Straightforward, proactive, solution seeking,
value adding, eliminating waste


Fair and equal play, trust, teamwork, transparency, diversity


Customer mindset, fast & intelligent solutions, highest quality, learning mentality


We create value add for our customers by reshaping
the way things are produced.

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